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Who Are We?

Restrooms are perhaps one of the most maintenance-demanding spaces in a house. Not only does it require maintenance in terms of cleanliness and hygiene but also in terms of its structure and design. Moreover, you need to ensure that the construction is sturdy enough to keep the water from seeping into the walls and flooring.

Who We Are

other areas in your house.

If that happens, it could not only ruin the look of your bathroom but also other areas in your house.

Bathrooms provide specialized

To ensure that you get quality renovations every time, we at Leading Edge Bathrooms provide specialized services.

construction experts

We do so through construction experts looking that have experience and understand your needs.

Operate throughout

And the best part is that we are operating right here in Australia and operate throughout.

What Do We Do?

In providing our bathroom renovation services, this is what we especially focus on:

The crux of our services lies in re-enameling. This involves repairing and restoring your sinks and baths to make them new. This involves removing all the rust and repairing all dents in your sinks or baths. Our re-enameling services work for years to come.
Our services are also about making your bathrooms safer for you and your family. This we achieve through our renowned anti-slip treatment for your bathroom floors. This anti-slip treatment does not only work for dry floor but also for wet floor. And you won’t see a difference in your floor’s beautiful finishing.


Our detailing service is all about making your bathroom clean and repairing damage. This involves re-grouting your tiles, removing grease from the bathroom and polishing your basins.

Latest Articles

Why You Should Upgrade your Patios with a Pergola

Are you tired of the same old looks you find at your home every time you come home from work? Doing some renovations can be a viable solution you can consider today. Building a pergola on your patio can, for instance, change the entire image of your home. You can build a pergola using different materials today, ranging from vinyl, cedar, and metal in other cases. With patios, one can opt to construct one by themselves or, of course, use a professional builder. The other option is buying a ready-made pergola and having it fixed on your property. As discussed later, numerous factors need to be considered when building or buying a pergola to improve its effect on your property. You also have to consider whether you build the pergola on your own or have an expert handle the project for you at a small fee.

Reasons why you need an expert for your pergola project

Professionals augment the possibility of your project success. Building one by yourself may be a thrilling experience, not to forget the few extra dollars you get to save. Using professionals for your project can, however, have numerous merits, as discussed below.

  • Years of experience

Good pergola builders are those with years of experience. They know how to lay down the structure as per the requirements. Reinforcing and ensuring the structure is secure is their priority to alleviate the possibility of accidents later. Professionals help you get every detail right on the first attempt to save money you would have otherwise wasted on repairs.

  • Wide variety of designs

To be a certified professional builder, enough training and practice have to be proved. You, therefore, get to explore a wide range of designs your pergola could assume during construction. The more experienced the expert is, the more designs you have to select your ideal one from.

  • Save your time

A lot of time is invested in building a pergola. Stepping away from your profession to build a pergola may cost you a lot of time and money compared to when you use an expert to do the project. Professionals know how to deliver the required quality under limited time; this makes them very efficient than the DIY option.

Why should you build a pergola?

A lot of property owners initially never saw any value in building a pergola. The different designs and reduced cost of building a pergola have encouraged many developers to consider this option for their patio. The better pergola design you choose for your property, the higher profits you stand to make when reselling it to a new buyer. Why should you, however, invest in a pergola today? Read below to understand a few merits that come with adding this extension to your property.

  • Augment privacy

When going about your private activities at home, you need no intrusion or disturbance from your neighbors and passersby. Your privacy is important, and pergolas help ascertain this fact. You may therefore amplify the beauty of your yard while preventing any outside lookers from spying on you or your family.

  • Both shade and protection

Pergolas can be used to shield one from direct sunlight. The scorching UV rays may destroy the luster of your furniture besides causing a lot of discomfort. Pergolas minimize the effect of sun and rain on your property, helping you relax even better.

In need of CCTV cameras?

It is no longer considered something for the rich; CCTVs are now being purchased by small and growing businesses worldwide. Security improvement calls for use for every precaution at your disposal. They scare away criminals and make it possible to identify and track suspects that break into a building. To find the best cameras possible, patience is key when conducting your search. Issues like the different brands available should be at your fingertips before setting out to find the best security surveillance for your business today. Here are some factors to prioritize during your CCTV cameras installation.

CCTV installation

The CCTV camera installation process has to be carried out in great caution. However, you and your team may need to be adequately prepared before having the installation experts step in. Here are some of the preparatory moves you can engage in to improve the outcome of the process.

Enlighten your team

You need to prepare your team about the upcoming security upgrade at your work premises. They should know their locations around the building, the purpose of their installation, and the simple maintenance processes, as discussed below. This improves their awareness and assures them their privacy is not under surveillance.

Proper lighting is necessary

Light needs to bounce back to the lens for proper recording to happen. In a poorly lit area, any recording may appear blurry and useless in most cases. Install their right light system advised by experts before installing your CCTV cameras. This might be very efficient for you in case a break-in happens, and you need to investigate the criminals further.

DVRs are everything

Businesses that buy CCTV cameras to show location end up regretting their choices. DVRs are the locations where every recording is stored. Any CCTV system without a DVR may end up with minimal to no recording depending on the device type. Ensure you have sufficient storage for your CCTV surveillance that can trace back to footages of up to a month.

Maintenance is key

Just like any other machine, cameras need proper maintenance to augment their longevity. Monitor the storage space to avoid overloading the hard drives. If full, seek extra storage space for your surveillance system. Wiping and other basic cleanings should be done, but using moistureless cleaners prevents the accumulation of debris in the system leading to blurry images.

Why businesses are buying CCTV cameras for their premises

So why are businesses with CCTV cameras in their buildings increasing as days go? With more urbanization comes increased criminal activities like rape and burglary. In an attempt to protect their premises, CCTV cameras have proven very effective. Here are among the many benefits you stand to enjoy by buying these cameras for your business today.

  1. Improve security – CCTV cameras record every detail happening as long as they are connected to a reliable power backup source. They, therefore, scare away any criminals from your business with the fear of being tracked down.
  2. Prevent lawsuits – Unnecessary lawsuits may be filed against your business for events you cannot prove. With CCTV footage, customers that wrongly accuse your employees or business may be rightfully stopped. You have definitely heard of customers accusing businesses of sexual harassment in an attempt to win some money from the case. CCTV cameras discourage such false accusations by showing the events that transpired.

How To Renovate Your House Beautifully With a Restricted Budget 

Generally, people save for years to renovate their homes, whether it’s updating the fireplace or replacing the flooring, renovating the garden or getting the new home appliances,  getting a designer paint or upgrading the roofs, you need a hell of money to increase the aesthetics of your place. anything or everything requires hundreds and thousands of dollars and people save it for years to bring the much-needed change in their homes as per their needs and desires. We are here with some amazing tips that can help you renovate your home beautifully within a restricted budget. Let’s have a look.

Try Do-it-yourself techniques

There are many software tools available in the market that can help to create design blueprints like Home by me, Sweet home 3D, Autocad design, and house renovations adelaide, to name a few. These apps are easy to use and can help you to create the desired outlook of your place according to your taste. Thanks to the internet and digitization, designing your home online has never been so easy. You don’t need the services of an interior designer to get the 3D images of your desired outlook, rather you can easily download these software tools and get going. These apps allow you to create as many images as you want and give you a clear picture of how your ideas complement your home. 

Get discounted deals

Look for deals rather than buying single pieces of furniture and electronics while renovating your home; if it’s on your list. These accessories can reshape and give a new look to your home setting. A vibrant sofa set, a new cabinet, a new dining table can completely change the outlook of your home. While looking for discounted deals, you can also have a look at online portals and auction sites where this kind of stuff is available at much-discounted rates. 

Paint V/S wallpaper 

Let’s get this right. Renovating is not a piece of cake. It can’t happen every year, it is seriously time and money consuming and once you get the courage and the financial liberty to take this step, you must assure that whatever changes are taking place are long-lasting and reliable in usage. For that reason, designer paint or just paint is quite long-lasting then fancy wallpapers which can easily be stained and defiled by the weather conditions. The choice is yours!

Keep it Classy

As it never goes out of style and having a minimalistic look is evergreen and a requirement as well if you are on a tight budget. Simple pieces of furniture with the right wall shade gives a very elegant and fascinating look to your home. You don’t need to accessorize your place with extravagant showpieces or exotic plants when you get the maximum in the minimum.

Enhance the value of your property

Get rid of the old curtains and ripped carpets or any outdated fitted furniture, strip-off the faded wallpaper, and get your walls painted. Make sure you get a coat of plaster underneath to increase its life. Choose neutral shades for your walls as well as for your ceilings. The right lighting with neutral walls makes your home look more spacious. Invest in your garden. Give it a complete makeover with some fine grass, painted pots with beds and borders and the good thing is that you can do this all on a DIY basis. 


You don’t know how many times I’ve happened to see people who decide by thread and by sign the furnishing elements to be inserted in their new bathroom, such as a washbasin cabinet or a shower box, and then realize that they will not enter the space in any way they have available.

The disappointment of not being able to use the elements they have chosen with so much effort (and expenditure of time) is always scorching. But fortunately the market allows you to take advantage of several alternatives, so you can always find the right furniture for your bathroom and that you really like.

The first suggestion for your bathroom is therefore this: in a correct planning process you do not have to start from the choice of sanitary ware and furnishings but from an in-depth knowledge of the space available .

In fact, the size and shape of the room can rarely be changed, so the first thing to do is arm yourself with pencil, paper and tape measure and make a precise relief. Only with the real measures in hand you can proceed to choose both the layout and the model of sanitary ware and furnishings.

From experience I can tell you that, once you have your relief in hand, finding the position to the sanitary workers is a bit like playing a tetris in which you have to be able to fit all the pieces taking into account the overall dimensions and room for maneuver.

Usually one of the sore points are the bathtubs: bulky and with a shape that is not easy to integrate. The market offers you all formats, they can be installed at any point, even in the middle of the room (never heard of freestanding bathtubs?). However, more than for all the other furnishing elements, in the case of bathtubs you need to know precisely the dimensions at your disposal: only as a result you will be able to understand what are the ideal sizes of a bathtub that can be installed in your new bathroom .

Do you have to renovate the bathroom and you don’t know where to start? Read these tips!

Renovating a house is always an adventure in which a thousand difficulties lie. But among all the environments there is one that invariably reserves surprises: the bathroom. If you have decided that the time has come to redo this room and you do not know where to start in this article, I want to give you suggestions to renovate the bathroom that could literally save your life.

The fact is that the renovation of the bathroom requires, compared to all the other rooms, numerous precautions that you must necessarily take into account: starting from the organization of the spaces, which will depend a lot on the size and shape of the room, and on the fundamental choice of the furnishing elements.

To all the people who ask me for advice for their bathroom, I start by giving two indications that I consider fundamental:

You must be able to have clear ideas on how you want your new bathroom immediately (and to achieve this you absolutely need a good designer) You need to find a trusted , specialized and long experience in the sector to choose and purchase the necessary coatings, finishes and furnishings Surely it must be said that if until a few years ago to buy sanitary ware and furnishings you had to go to one or more stores and hope not to get ripped off today, thanks to the spread of the internet and the growth of the online market, it is possible to find numerous alternatives of excellent quality that offer you high quality products at affordable prices.

But renovating a bathroom is not a walk: I often see even recently renovated bathrooms that are a nightmare. Both of style (but these are personal tastes) and of functionality.

So let’s see how to put these two indications into practice and what are the things that you cannot absolutely overlook in the renovation of your bathroom.

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